Fair Trade Downunder believes in:

  • Dignity
  • Restoration
  • Hope and a Brighter Future
  • Empowerment and building capacity within all people.

Fair Trade DownUnder Vision

Fair Trade Downunder’s aim is to:

  • Empower people to empower others.
  • Educate people on issues relating to Poverty, Slavery and Injustice in the world to help people be moved to action to make a change in the world.
  • Fuel the fire of the Fair Trade movement and ethical consumerism.
  • “Be the change that you wish to see in the world” (Ghandi)


Fair Trade Downunder is Christian

We acknowledge Fair Trade Downunder’s CEO is God. We are a Christian organisation that believes that empowering the poor and uplifting the marginalised is a gospel issue. Regardless of our faith we respect people of all religious faiths and cultures.

Fair Trade Resources

Fair Trade Weaving

Fair Trade Downunder will Uphold Fair Trade Ethics

We uphold the ethic of Fair Trade practices, buy and sell handcrafted/ethically sourced items made by people who are poor and marginalised in our world. We assure that they are paid a fair price for their work and that they work in fair conditions.


Fair Trade Downunder will Make a Difference, One at a Time.

The story of the boy rescuing the stranded Starfish is the basis for how Fair Trade Downunder operates. We agree to do our part to make a difference one ‘item’, one ‘starfish’ at a time.