Hosting is Easy

“People love to come. I think it’s the fascination of seeing handcrafted items from remote places, and hearing their stories. I also think it’s the wonderful feeling of knowing you have changed a life, or several lives, by purchasing the things they have made. “ Ros Jamieson

Your home, office or community hall takes on all the colour of an international bazaar, filled with beautiful handcrafted items.

Each item has come from someone’s hands to your home. And every gift, or piece of jewellery, or child’s hand made toy that you or your friends buy, sends the gifts if dignity and hope back to the one who made it.

From your living room, office, or community hall you are changing lives.

We are not sales people, we are simply a bridge between your compassion and their need, a bridge made of beautiful handcrafted gifts and toys.

If you wish to know more about hosting, download a copy of our host letter or contact us for a chat