Changed Lives

Buying goods at a Hands and Hearts event is a small step for many of us, but it is seeing many lives changed. Here are just a few.

Jamuna Paudel

Polio left her with physical challenges and social stigma.

Fair Trade Downunder gave her a bright future.

And now, as a vocational trainer, she is providing support and hope to many others.

Khan Poo

When the price of rice doubled in Thailand, Poo could no longer make a living selling food from her own kitchen.

Support enabled her to set up a cooking school and a catering business.

She now supports others wanting to set up their own business and offers employment to those in need.

Juna Pun

Her husband disappeared, leaving her with two children. Three years later she contracted leprosy.

During her treatment, she learned handcrafting and now works as a loom weaver.

Selling handcrafted goods means she can support her family and finish her treatment.

International Nepal Fellowship

Fair Trade Downunder proudly works with International Nepal Fellowship.

INF does many great things for the Nepalese people, including:

Helping people with TB, leprosy, disability, HIV / AIDS and drug abuse as well as running medical camps, facilitating development among poor communities and providing medical training.