From their hands to your heart… and back again

Hands & Hearts is a Fair Trade shopping experience in your own home, office, community group, or church.

Living in a world of plenty, it’s hard to imagine how we can make a difference to people we have never met. But you can.

We come to you with a rainbow of handcrafted gift items, each carrying the hopes and dreams of people who have been living in the cycle of extreme poverty. Widows, orphans, the disabled and those who have escaped human trafficking.
You will hear their stories.

Your purchases will help restore their dignity and purpose.

And a small part of your life story will be written with love on the hearts of those whose lives you have changed.
A Hands & Hearts event is a life-changing, world-changing experience. To book a Hands & Hearts event, or to find out more, contact Fair Trade Downunder

“People love to come. I think it’s the fascination of seeing handcrafted items from remote places, and hearing their stories. I also think it’s the wonderful feeling of knowing you have changed a life, or several lives, by purchasing the things they have made. “

Ros Jamieson