Raising awareness, raising hope, raising funds

Host a Fair Trade Mother’s Day / Father’s Day stall or event at your school and become part of a global movement that empowers the poor through your shopping choices.

By buying handcrafted Fair Trade gift items, your students and families are changing the lives of mums, dads and children crushed by the endless grind of poverty. You are giving them dignity, purpose and the wonderful gift of hope.

If you interested in hosting a Fair Trade Mother’s Day / Father’s Day stall please contact us as soon as possible as we do need lead time for our producers. Our goods come direct from the source – their hands to yours.

Here’s how it works

We bring a range of unique, hand crafted gifts.

We can set up a stall at your school or leave the crate of gifts with you to set up yourselves.

Gifts usually cost from $6 to $20.

Gifts for Mum include: Coin Purses, Pocket Mirror, Paper-Bead Earrings and Bracelets, Headbands, Key Chains, Glasses Cases, Oven Mits, Shopper Bags, Magnets, Lip Gloss, Tea, Coffee and Chocolates.

Gifts for Dad include: A variety of wallets, socks, recycled paper journals, recycled stubby holders, keyrings! There are also chocolates and ethically sourced tea and coffee.

Your P & C will receive 5% of sales being donated to your fundraising efforts for your school or a charity of your choice.

Every gift comes with a tag that tells its story and the story of its maker.

“A Fair Trade Mothers’ Day stall is a terrific way to raise the children’s awareness of the wider world and how they can help to change it. Every gift is unique and hand crafted and your purchase directly impacts the life of the people who make them. They are poor, they are marginalised; but you and your school can help give them dignity and hope.”

Ros Jamieson