Small changes can make a big difference

Often we look at the worlds problem and get overwhelmed. We often want to do something to make a difference but we don’t know what. This then brings us to a numbness of feeling hopeless. At Fair Trade Downunder we believe anyone can make a difference in the world. Here are a few things you can do that may seem small but make a big impact in peoples lives.

Host a Hands and Hearts Event
Host a Hands and Hearts experience in your home, business, church or community and empower those around you with stories of hope and a chance to shop for some beautifully handcrafted and ethically produced items.

Host a Mother’s Day Father’s Day Stall

Host a Fair Trade Mother’s Day / Father’s Day stall or event at your school and become part of a global movement that empowers the poor through your shopping choices.

Fair Play Fair Trade Trophies

Schools, sports clubs, performing arts groups can order handmade timber trophies from the remote Philippine jungle, enabling the Banwaon to sustainably use the resources at their disposal, to preserve their forest homes whilst providing a future for their families.

Become a Branch
Join the team at Fair Trade DownUnder and Become a Branch in your local area.

Learn More
Check out the Learn More page where we post great references for Fair Trade activities around the world.