From their hands to your heart… and back again.

Somewhere in a remote village, in refuge for sex-trade victims, or a slum in the underbelly of an Asian city, there are hands working with as much skill as they can to make something that will help to end their cycle of poverty.

As each item leaves their hands, they hope you will like it enough to give them a fair price, a price that will give them dignity for labour, and food for their families.

They hope that something about what they have made and their personal story will touch your heart.

And when they receive the fair price for what they made. With pride and perhaps with tears, they can set the money aside for their children’s schooling, food for their family, or to replace a threadbare dress.

That’s the blessing of fair trade – you have given them dignity and purpose, and the wonderful gift of hope. You have changed the world for someone.

A Hands & Hearts afternoon or evening is the time when you and your friends or colleagues can meet to share this wonderful experience. And to be amazed at the marvellous creativity of the people whose handcrafted items you purchase.